Whole quail for raw diets?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by Bettacreek, Mar 10, 2009.

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    Not sure if this is exactly where this should go, but, after Kitty decided to snack on my baby buttons, I've really been beginning to wonder about a whole foods diet for her. I'm wondering if maybe I could just do a quick process of the quail (either buttons or coturnix, whatever I have excess of), and just cut heads off and strip the skin/feathers and give them to the cat that way. Anyone else ever actually feed quail for raw diets, or do any research on it?
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    I wouldn't even go through the bother of skinning it, just kill it and give it to her, she'll enjoy it:>) On second thought (this is what I do for my dog with partridge) Kill it, step on the wings and pull the feet and you will end up with two breasts for you ...and the entrails, legs and whatnot for the cat. You can put the breasts in the freezer for later. I am pretty sure you can do quail that way, You can just keep adding breasts to the baggie until you have enough for a meal for you/family
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    Yeppers fed the cats a culled excess roo today...and the dogs got what they didn't finish.

    You can feed them it as a soul diet if you'd like but you'll have to suppliment then because they either need a varied raw diet or a supplimented *Same* diet. [​IMG]

    I used to feed my dogs and cats nothing but raw meat, but it got too costly. If my quial do good enough and I have enough to always hatch more, then they'll be hopefully atleast being 50% fed raw. [​IMG]

    I have to pluck and take the guts out of my quail to feed it to my cats otherwise they'll drag it around the house and my parents would flip [​IMG]
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    Cats are what is known as a 'super carnivore', meaning that they eat meat, and almost exclusively meat. You could supplement with some vitamins or grasses of sorts, but feeding kitty raw meat shouldn't hurt her.
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    Yep do it all the time. For a button you don't even need to skin it. Humanely kill it and feed whole. However cats that aren't used to raw may not eat it unless it's cut up and cats that really are addicted to their kibble may not eat it unless it's slightly cooked. My birder has no trouble with a whole button quail. For coturnix or larger birds I'd probably skin and cut into a few pieces but feed everything including skin and feathers back.

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