WHOO HOO!!! Two weeks to go.


10 Years
May 13, 2009
Indianola Washington
My first ever order of chicks, will be here in two weeks.
I am so excited.

I'm getting:
3 Barred Rock pullets,
4 Danish Brown Leghorn pullets,
1 Danish Brown Leghorn cockrel,
2 New Hampshire Red pullets,
3 Silver Laced Wyandotte pullets,
3 Amauracana "EE's I'm sure" pullets,
2 Buff Orpington pullets.

Any advice for my first mail order of chicks? Ive heard that giving them a little bit of sugar water helps in the first day or so. What else can I do for best results besides keeping the proper temp, food, water, and handling?

oh, and all those things will be just fine to do. They need to be warm and have food and water, that's all
They'll grow quick and healthy!
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Hehe I am excited. lol I ordered pretty close to last minute for some of the birds... I was a bit stressed that I wouldnt get it in on time. But Woohoo!
lol I've got babies on the way.
When are they scheduled to arrive and the only thing I can recomend is warmth, food, and water. If I were you I would get Karo syrup fill the bottom of a small chick waterer (just a thick layer not very much or it will be to strong) then fill the waterer a quarter up with hot water, mix it, and then fill it the rest of the way with cold water. Do this right when you get them home. Its stronger than sugar water and only do it for 3-5 days depending on how well they are doing then just give them regular water

ETA: I dont know if the dates are close, but I have 16 coming from Ideal the 26th (hatched the 24th) YAY!!!!!!!!!!
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They will arive the same day as yours. lol hatch out on the 24th.

Thanks for that tip, I will pick up some karo syrup next time I am at the store, and do just that.

18 more birds to add to my flock, that is IF I don't give my sister 6. I guess it all depends on how attached to them I get while they are here in the brooder, it might be hard to give her any.
I will deffinatly post pics when they get here.

And yes, I would still have 12. But how do you choose what ones to give and what ones to keep? Thats the biggest issue for me. lol I purposely ordered a roo, so I definatly can not give her any until I know who is what. I want a pair of DBL's so I dont want to accidently give her my DBL roo.
So, why is it that the last few days of waiting seem to drag on and on forever??? I want my chicks home now. lol I am trying to be calm, and pass the time away, but it never seems to work the way I intend. lol Guess I will just go read some more byc pages.

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