Who's laying the dark brown eggs?


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Apr 23, 2016
So my pullets (well, hens now) have reached laying age. From my previous research, I thought all of them should lay just like your basic brown eggs. However, now that they are laying, someone is laying these beautiful dark(er) brown eggs and I have no idea who it is!
These are the eggs (Both light and dark):

The new hens I have are:
2 Jersey Giants
1 Plymouth Barred Rock (Have had these before, don't think it's her)
1 ISA Brown
1 Orpington
1 Rhode Island Red

If anyone can point me towards who it might be I'll be quite thankful!
Our Orpington layed darker eggs, like the ones in your picture. So that may be who it is!;) But I'm not 100% positive, because the only other breed of hen I've had from your list is a rhode island red, who doesn't lay that dark. But every girl is different! ;)
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orpington, ISA brown, or rhode island red. probably rhode island red

u could watch the chickens.?

I could, if I wasn't away at college. Besides, I don't think they would appreciate me following them around all day until one of the laid the right egg
I do not think the plymouth is a maran (though I'd love it if she was!) because, as I said, I've had plymouths before and she matches them exactly. Also, like, she's from tractor supply, so I doubt they'd mix up a plymouth and a maran (Pretty sure there's a big difference money wise lol)
What I'm seeing is that the layer is most likely the ISA brown, the second most likely being the orpington, and third, it could potentially be the rhode island red. That makes sense to me

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