Who's Setting Eggs On 10/4 ??


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Feb 7, 2009
hill country texas
I am setting some eggs today on 10/4. Anyone want to be a hatching buddy?

I am very excited about setting these, there are 18 silkie eggs that I had shipped, plus figured I would put in a couple from my girls just to make sure I get babies. My son put a fan in my bator and it has been holding steady for 24 hours and the eggs have rested for 36 hrs. so I will be putting them in by 3pm.

I set some of my chickens eggs today at 12:45. So I guess today is Day 0 for me. Turned the incubator on last night and set it up. It's a hov-a-bator. I have the automatic egg turner. Temp is steady right at 100'. Humidity seems a bit high but the eggs are very porous. I'm going to pick up a hydrometer at radioshack tonight.

I have several breeds all free ranging in the yard but they do not seem to mix, they don't hang out together, they don't sleep together etc, so I'll be interested to see what I get.

Of the 11 eggs, all but one are from my Silver Phoenix Hens. One is from my White Cochins. This is the first Cochin egg we found, but since we don't know if it was laid that day or a few days prior we popped it in the bator. The two we found this morning went in the fridge to eat. (They have abandoned the nestboxes due to a broody Phoenix and started laying in the coop which the goats have appropriated)

So I don't know if I'll get some pretty strange mutts (Cochin/Phoenix mix) or if these will be pure Phoenix babies because they just don't tend to mix together.

Laney: your a few hours ahead of me. Good luck with your hatch, keep me posted how its going.

speckledhen: what do you have hatching now? Hope they finish soon so you can get some more in.
I wish I could be hatching Delawares like you were!!!! Next spring I'll definitely be ordering Eggs from you if it's possible!!!!!! Do you sell eggs? I plan to breed mine, but I want to add in some outside stock also, and I would prefer it be breeder stock.

The SF and Cochins were mistakes I made when getting into chickens for egg production. I love them, but I'm not intending to breed them for myself, only for others who might want them. (4Hers who want to show them etc.) They are hatchery stock so I'm not intending to do much with them.

Delawares however, are so beautiful and useful. I'm thinking I might breed those and later on, maybe some Mottled Javas.

I'm only hatching now because my chickens started hiding eggs on me, and we found a bunch of "I don't know how long these have been sitting there but at least 5 days" eggs. So, I called a few friends who I knew wanted more chickens and found takers for the babies and decided to set them in my new incubator.

I'm not set up for brooding fall babies as my husband is severely allergic (found out the hardway) to chickens in enclosed areas.

I do plan to sell eggs, though not on a regular basis, unless I have to do so to help with the bills. My property tax went way up this year, dang it.
I have 9 Delawares and 4 BBS Orps about to go into Day 20 in a couple hours, so if these slow pokes will hurry that are hatching in the other Hova, I'll clean it out and set some more, almost 3 dozen Delawares.

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