Whose eggs are these?

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    Feb 21, 2015
    5 of my 10 girls are laying regularly. I found this unusual egg in the coop and don't know who laid it.[​IMG]
    Very light tint with dark speckles. The shell was quite thin but the size was large on par with my Red Star who has producing lovely big brown eggs (sometimes with specks) for months.
    The late bloomers, whose eggs I haven't really gotten to know are a Barred Rock, Speckled Sussex, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, Easter Egger and Silver Spangled Hamburg. Does anyone recognize this shell coloring? Or could it be a faulty egg laid by my Red Star? [​IMG]

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    If thin shelled...could be a glitch in the shell gland and the 'spray booth'(where pigment is applied).

    Happens once in a while, usually not a concern.

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