Whose eggs? Polish or Duck?


Jul 2, 2015
Muncy, Pennsylvania
For the past few weeks I thought my two Polish hens were laying but based on the differences in the eggs now I am second guessing myself. The eggs I get everyday are small white eggs and large white eggs that appear to be dirtier but that is indeed their color. I have two Polish, a Silkie, a duck that was sold to me as a Runner but looks like a Cayuga, and two Dominiques all older than 20 weeks old. I have seen one of the Polish lay the small white egg and the other Polish has been crouching and doing the egg song for weeks so I assumed those two were laying and I thought the younger Polish would eventually lay the larger eggs. However, it has been about over a week of the smaller eggs and today I found two small eggs. Is it possible the duck is laying the larger eggs or is it possible for the eggs from the same breed to be that different?

One sure fire way to tell a chicken egg from a duck egg is the texture. A duck egg is smooth. When you try and crack a duck egg it doesn't break as easily as a chicken egg because the membrane inside is stronger. Duck egg whites are thicker than a chickens egg. A duck egg can average around 65+ grams and a large chicken egg is around 50- grams. I would say your larger eggs are either double yolk chicken or duck egg (if smooth).

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