Whould he make mean offspring???

Happy Henny

May 30, 2018
Hi, I have 2 Frizzle cochin bantam and silkie bantam mixes... One of them was being mean to all of the chickens at first so we put him in isolation for two weeks alone. I let him out yesterday and put the other sizzle rooster in the coop. At first he was going crazy mating my 5 hens (which is understandable) after a couple of minutes he was fine with them but he was being mean to the other chickens which are not silkies. pretty soon i am going to move the silkies into their own coop without any other chickens because I am breeding one of the roosters two generations with silkies to get real sizzles. P.S this is the Sizzle roo that i don't know if he is nice or not (this pic is a little dated)...

How old is he? In my experience the younger the roo the more aggressive he is. Then they start to calm down. Also they tend to be pretty frisky first thing in the morning and right before bed.
He was born near June 9th... Yes he is super frisky in the morning... How old do they start to settle down? :)
It just depends on the bird. I do what I refer to as training with them. A for example my roo shawn was completely wild from the moment he got his testosterone. And wanted nothing to do with me. So every opportunity I had when i caught him i was talking very calmly to him and offer good treats over time he doesn't run away as i approach him. And I've always found the I'm the top roo here method to be effective. Idk if you should or not but I let them know those are my girls and their only watching them when I'm not around. Pretty much treat them as a more dominant rooster would. That could always backfire and they could become aggressive towards you. But in my experience it works like a charm. Maybe some more experienced people will come along with better advice.

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