Why am I even thinking of adding to my flock?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by perrypogue, Sep 27, 2015.

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    Jun 17, 2015
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    My status is that I'm new as a chicken owner and I've loved it from the beginning ..... I have 9 RIR pullets and 2 RIR roosters that are 18 weeks old and I'm just beginning to get one egg a day .... so, I'm thrilled.

    For a long time though I've been wanting to add to my flock. I've free ranged these birds without incident but I know it's possible. So, I could add another 10 pullets ... keep them under a light until they are ready, then free range them from the beginning. I would just need to build protected roosts for them.

    Or, I could keep the chicks in the 16x8 pen ... I'd have to build protected roosts and laying boxes anywhere. I can provide a heat light for them in the pen.

    I think I'll add these birds but as I can only use about one dozen eggs/week I'm really not sure why I'm adding.

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    Lol i believe you are a chicken acholohic lol. I cant say anything through we have 23 hens 4 are laying and six more are getting ready to start and we just added 6more. We go through alot of eggs through. Six just at breakfast and more if i frie or bake later that day.
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    That's 'chicken math'. :D
    I've fought it hard, had too many this spring and its a pain when they get crowded and not good for them.

    This is your first year, wait until you've been thru a winter, then maybe add some in the spring.
    You don't have your location posted, but winter can be rough and free range often doesn't help with extra space if you're in a harsh winter climate.

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