Why are K-9 cops so freaky thin??


13 Years
May 29, 2010
I have always noticed on the show K-9 Cops that ALL of their dogs are thin, too thin. These German shepherds have thick 2in fur coats and you can easily see all of their ribs! You can also see their overly sunken waists.
Why do we have to keep our dogs well fed if these cops can keep their dogs always half starved and hungry?
Please don't freak out on me, what I am saying and seeing is not extreme. They could easily stand to gain a solid 5lbs.
I have never noticed that but then again I dont get that show (on my TV) anyways....but it's a good question
Most athletic dogs you can see ribs on. My dog is very active and gets a high quality unlimited meat diet and you can always count her ribs, but they don't stick way out. Also most young large breed dogs are skinny and lanky while they grow, then they fill out more when they are a few years old. A lot of police dogs aren't much above about four or 5 years old. When I groomed large dogs, it was the active, healthy, muscle tanks that I could see ribs on. Only occasionally did I see dogs that had ribs showing that were sick or not getting enough to eat. And most of America's dogs are actually too fat, or don't have muscle so you are probably not accustomed to seeing working dogs. Coat thickness helps to hide it too, but that depends on age, season and breed.
I know that a lot of hounds, like the whippet and similar, are "supposed" to be thin and bony. Not too bony, just very little fat. But if you have a dog like that, unless you are showing them, you shouldn't let it get so thin.
My standard poodle is thin. You can see his ribs generally. His first year, every time he saw the vet I asked if he was the correct weight. I was fanatical about it. He's perfectly healthy and happy.
Also, many, many K-9 offiers (the dogs, which are officers in their own rights) are Belgian Malinois, not GSDs. If you don't know the breed, you might think they are GSDs, and elderly ones, at that. Malinois get grey muzzles very early...

Belgian Malinois are very sleek dogs, not as chunky as GSDs. Not that a healthy GSD is chunky, but the bone structure is a bit more bulky than the Malinois.
I can answer that for ya. GSD's usually are very thin until they reach a certain age. Not all, but most. I have one that eats his body weight in food every day and his hips show. Finally his ribs don't, but we have wormed him and he is in perfect health.
If you watch working border collies in competitions, sometimes they set out a tub of water and when the dog is done doing what he loves, he gets to dunk himself. Then with his coat wet down, you can see that most are nothing but a scrawny body of bones and some muscle. There is nothing wrong with them, and as these dogs are valuable, you can guarantee most them are perfectly fine. If a human had their metabolism and activity, they would resemble them just the same.
Because they are the weight they should be. People are WAY too used to seeing dogs overweight or obese, so an overweight dog looks normal now.

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