Why are my 3 chicks sooo different in size?


9 Years
May 13, 2010
Hurricane, WV
I hatched 3 showgirl chicks at the same time about 6-8 weeks ago & their sizes seriously range like this: one is the biggest, the next one is half the 1st once size & the 3rd one is probably half of the 2nd ones size! They have plenty of food & are kept inside still but do you think it's generics or if their size reflects the pecking order & I need to make sure food is being shared? There's no feather picking or anything...also do you know what color they are? They're showgirls of course & a verity of partridge, I'm thinking blue? They looked like a blue partridge color as day olds & they still have that blue look to them. Thanks (=

The biggest one & the smallest one
That's what I was thinking & hoping for, that would work out nice!

That's odd others have had similar results, thanks everyone for taking the time to reply!

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