Why are my chicken eggs still fertile?

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    We HAD a rooster and hens. Then two months ago we got rid of our rooster in the process of getting ready to move. Now we've moved, and have been without a rooster for over 2 months. I had not been feeding our hens layer feed because of the whole move and getting settled in thing. I started back with the layer feed a week ago. I started getting eggs from our girls immediately! YAY! This morning while making sunday breakfast I noticed our eggs are still fertile?

    Why? Better yet how? I had to show hubby just to make sure I was seeing this right, a bullseye in the yolk! [​IMG]

    I thought two weeks tops till the fertile eggs stopped? We were without a rooster for close to a month before moving and were getting eggs the whole time, but I never thought to actually look at any for the bullseye.
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    From what I've read here from other posters, hens have an organ that allows them to store semen - probably a holdover from their wild genetics when a hen never knew how long shed have access to a roo to lay a clutch of eggs to hatch. The semen can be stored there in a viable state for several months!!

    Someone with more chicken knowledge may come along and correct me, though, so don't take this as gospel! Good luck!
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    Even on non fertile eggs the nucleus is readily visible. This may be what you are seeing. Two months is way beyond the 'sperm storage' capability of a hen's reproductive system.

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