Why are my chickens eating their own eggs???

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    Nov 9, 2009
    My chickens have only been laying for two months.. I got them April 1st of this year(they were just dibs).. I have nine hens, and one rooster.. I was getting four to six eggs per day, but have found a couple eggs pecked, and have found slimmy evidence that they have been eating them:/ I'm down to getting one to three eggs a day now.. and thats only if I go check about three times a day! HELP!!!!! Oh, I am feeding laying mash, scratch, oyster shells, and fresh veggies..
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    so sorry you're having this problem. Once they learn they taste good its sometimes hard to break them from eating the eggs. There are several thread on here regarding egg eating. Try using the search bar at the top and doing a search for egg eaters or breaking egg eaters.

    I have read that sometimes putting wooden eggs in the next might help because they find out they can't peck them and give up. You may have to isloate each one to find out which ones are eating the eggs. It could be just one hen and if you pull her out of the flock, problem solved.
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    Quote:I agree....

    Might even try to scatter a few golf balls aroud the hen house for a while to give them the idea that those round things are NOT food

    Good luck!

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