Why are my chickens feather picking?


9 Years
Nov 8, 2010
North Edwards
I thought one of hens was molting on her neck but then today I saw another hen picking and eating her feathers. Sweet Moochie did nothing except make little noises and blink. And Moochie was feather picking a rooster that we recently got rid of. Why do they do it? How do I stop it?
Will Blu-Kote supress the feather picking and let the feathers grow back? Or should I use that hot pick stuff?
Moochie is a production red and has never gone broody before. It's only her neck feathers though, the pin feathers that are growing in are the ones that are getting eaten.
Funny thing, I was just getting ready to post on this very subject... I have 6 golden comet hens & the lowest in the pecking order is missing her neck feathers & I saw the hen that rules the roost peck her neck. I'm worried for the one girl's saftey.........
My Isa Browns are feather picking too. I increased their protein thinking that would help but they are still picking feathers. Most of the feathers picked are from just above the tail but some are the fluffy butt feathers. Even my rooster is missing quite a few feathers. Winter is coming and I'm worried that about the cold if they keep this up. I've looked at the pinless peepers to control picking but hate to resort to that. One poor chicken has to be sprayed with bluecote to keep them from tearing up her skin where the feathers are gone.

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