Why are my girls sneezing?

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    Jul 13, 2011
    I'm at a loss. I've done a ton of research online and I am still confused. Here is my situation. I bought a 7 mail order chicks that are currently 4 months old. They are living outside in thier coop. They are all different varieties. They seem do be doing great. This is my first time we have raised chicks so we are on a learning curve.

    A month ago, we purchased 3 more day-old chicks from a local stock shop (one Delaware, one Production Red and one Buff Orpington). We live in the Phoenix metro area. When they were a week old, we took them outside to visit the older girls for about 2 hours. The next day, I noticed that the little girls were making sneezing sounds. I immediatly but them on a vitamin supplement (Save-a-chik) for about 4 days with no improvements. I then bought Duramycin-10, an antibiotic, they were on that for 2 weeks. They just got off of that 5 days ago. They seemed like they improved slightly while they were on the antibiotic, but they are still sneezing. Does anyone know what is wrong with them? I took them outside to enjoy the outdoors for about 10 minutes (on the opposite side of our house) this morning. As they were sitting on my arm, they were sneezing and I could feel something coming out- I'm assuming it is thier nose. They seem active and normal. They chirp, they eat, they drink and they are growing. They seem to sneeze more often when they are out of thier current home (in the bathroom in a box). At times, they run around the bathroom for a short duration or we take them outside for a short time and seem to sneeze more often during those times.

    They are currently 4 weeks old. I was hoping that at 6 weeks, they could go live outside next (not with) the older girls, but I don't want to infect my entire flock.

    Help!!!! What is wrong with them and should I be worried?

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