Why are my one month old bantam fighting another flock?


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Mar 16, 2014
I brought my 6, one month old, bantams to my friends house where he has 16 chicks a little older. 6 of his are silkie bantams. They were fine all day but then all of a sudden one of my bantam chicks starts pecking and chasing only his silkies, non of the other breeds he has. His feathers stuck up around its neck. Would my chick be a rooster for that reason? and is it normal? Please help! Any information is helpful!
I see same with free=ranging flocks of juveniles. Usually high ranking individuals lead attack. In my setting flocks have a combination of territories and home ranges were some flocks dominate others.
Why? Chickens as a rule attack strangers. Unless they are kept together continuously the separate flocks will fight EVERY time they are introduced. It will get worse as they get older.

Also if both of you have unsexed bantams then both of you have at least one rooster.
Folks, RockingRooster is actually learning about natural behavior. Biggest issue I have is in regards to biosecurity so long as no real physical harm as done. We are so used to confining our birds to artificial social groupings under artificial conditions that we have become ignorant of what makes chickens chickens.

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