why are they dying


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6 Years
Jun 13, 2013
I had a buff cochin bantam cockerel 7months old, one night 2 days ago he was it the coop as door shut time and was acting kinda weird. so we brought him in and put him in a tote with fresh food an water, he want to town eating and drinking. he was very skinny but I know he eats I've seen him at the hanging feed eating .10 lbs feeder only 5 bantams in the coop so he was getting his fair share. couple days before this he was "sleeping" standing up .. just standing out in the run with his eyes shut. .... well anyways he seemed to be doing good and at noon time today he was fine then I checked on him at 3 and he was dead wings kinda messed up spreaded out and his neck almost looked wrung. what could be the cause of this? we treated everyone for mites on sunday. but he didn't have any on him. thanks
also his crop was basically empty but he was eating a lot of feed in the house does that mean anything ?

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