Why aren't my Sumatra's breeding.

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    I have a pair of sumatras (one male, one female), the male is 1-2 years old and the female is 2-3 years old. I have had both of them for a year and I haven't seen them have any eggs yet. The female should have white eggs, so I might mix them up with my sebright, (she has had 2 clutches). I've seen them mate, but I haven't seen the female brooding or go into the nesting box, both are breeding quality, the male is show quality and I have been hoping to sell their chicks but they don't have chicks?
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    The title of the post says they aren't breeding but the body says you've seen them mate. So, if it's the latter, they're breeding. The issue is that the hen isn't laying eggs.
    Show quality birds of any breed aren't necessarily known to be productive. Sumatras aren't that productive to begin with.
    You very well may have confused them with the Sebright eggs because both are very small.
    You need to figure out why the hen hasn't laid eggs.
    Here's a short list to start with.


    I would separate the pair into their own quarters to see if she's laying, raise the protein slightly. Definitely don't feed layer feed. They slowly increase the day length with a light on a timer.
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    A hen won't necessarily go broody, sit and hatch her eggs just because you want her to, you may have to use an incubator to hatch chicks.......

    ......after you separate the pair to make sure she's laying as CC suggested above.

    Then it's good idea to see if her eggs are indeed fertile by looking at the yolks.
    You can check while you make breakfast, IMO that's the easiest way to know for sure.

    This thread shows a plethora of examples of fertile and non-fertile yolks:

    eHre's just one example:
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    Thanks guys, I was wondering if she was actually laying eggs. I mean she is old enough and she eats a ton. I will have to separate her and check her eggs. Thanks. I could have me silkie go broody and hatch them if she lays any.

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