Why arent they big enough yet


7 Years
May 25, 2012
Near Amarillo Texas
I bought 3 Cx's in march. Everything I have read said they should have been long past butchering already. But my two remaining birds are not ready. They are still up and running around like chickens do. I admit I am new to chickens and may not be feeding them enough. I lost one to God only knows what (he fell on his back and flopped around then died)and the other two are just fine healthy acting but not nearly big enough or should I say fat enough to eat. I am pretty sure they are Cx's because of their feathering or should I say lack of feathering. What am I doing wrong?
I don't think that's a cornish cross...my meaties grew so much faster than the other chicks I got at the same time. I could tell a growth difference within the first 2 weeks--and they were together eating the same food at that time.
I have been free feeding them scratch and scraps although I have read and really think maybe the scratch is the wrong thing to be feeding them..
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