Why aren't they crowing?


9 Years
Jun 6, 2010
Coleman, Wi
I've got 4 roosters. 2 by accident! 1ee, 1 silver laced wyandotte, and 2 light brahmas. The ee and the wyandotte are crowing, although not very well. The other 2 don't make a sound. They are all about 8 weeks old. Any ideas why they aren't crowing yet?
Some of them just take time to start crowing. I have a 14 week old olive egger roo that crowed for the first time this week.

Once they establish pecking order some of the lower roo's will hardly ever crow! At least that has been my experience.
They can take about 14-16 weeks to start crowing. My cockerel is 3 months and just started crowing. So the other two might take a little longer. There crows wont sound the best for a while, but they get better
Also like Karrie13 said rooster that are lower on the pecking order might never really crow.
I don't remember his age, but I know my roo was MUCH older than 8 weeks before he ever crowed. It was several months for sure. I think it varies with the breed and also the individual roo.

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