Why can't my Silkie hatch her clutch?


7 Years
Sep 2, 2012
The first time I let my broody Silkie have eggs was in the summer. It was very hot. Out of 5 eggs only one hatched. One of the eggs had a fully developed chick, but it never pecked out and couldn't hatch itself. I eventually opened it, but it was wrapped all up in a red cord, momma wouldn't take it, and I didn't have an incubator. Since that incident, I bought an incubator and a candling light,

This time around the weather has been great, not too hot or too cold. She has 9 eggs, which admittedly was probably a few too many, but I got more than I ordered. She has laid on them almost nonstop. I gently candled a few after they didn't hatch... there are chicks in there! Why is it that she can lay on them and do her job, but then they don't hatch?

I had Swedish Flower and Millie Fleur leghorn eggs in my incubator and all that developed properly hatched. What's the deal? Is there anything I can do? They should have hatched on Friday. Would it be terribly wrong for me to carefully move them to the incubator? (Could it be a humidity issue?)
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sometimes chicks get to cold and die but you can still see them, but they sometimes hatch a little late so dont loose hope!

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