why can't washington get it?

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Apr 24, 2007
North Florida
Just finished watching the Pres speak again. I can't understand how he can sit up there in Washington and no see our country is already in economic crisis. Even my 7 year old granddaughter can understand money is tight because Mommy lost her job. Hes supposed to have insite into what is happening in our country but he must wear blinders. Saying if this bill isnt passed the country will have an economic crisis. Hello what does he think has been happening these last years. Maybe if he added something in the bill to help all the struggling americans instead of corporations it would pass. Here in Florida we have been hit very badly. Unemployment is the highest it has been. Even teachers have been let go because our governor lowered property taxes which in turn lowered our state budget. Then certain counties increased property taxes anyway so in the end we got the shaft again. Big surprise. Well I m done with my rant. I've decided i am not going to watch anymore TV news until this passes it is not worth getting all hepped up.


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Jan 12, 2007
Land of Lincoln

We were already in recession last year and Bush still didn't get it. With the wonderful freebee we got this year to help the recession, that was only a temporary fix. Glad the Congress vetoed the bail out....that ought to send a message to those corporations that greed only can go so far.

What the government needs to do is wake up and smell the coffee!


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Jul 29, 2008
Porter, Texas
If this was any other scum-sucking business other than Wallstreet, Fannie-May, Freddie-Mac, etc someone would be in jail instead of us considering to bail their rearends out!

I always knew that my SS would be waisted before I was old enough to able to collect it, but I had no idea that my 401K would be taken away from me too!

This is a very stressful - trying time.


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May 27, 2008
Elizabethtown, KY
I don't watch the news either...keeps me from having panic attacks.

Buff Hooligans

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Jun 11, 2007
I find it truly amazing that one leader is so all-powerful, so omnipotent, that all the problems of the country and the earth are all his fault. Truly amazing.


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Sep 19, 2007
Poolville, TX
I'm also glad they didn't pass the bailout bill. Why should we pay for the greed of those MUCH richer than I ever thought of being? I want someone's rearend on a platter for this one, I did hear that some of Fannie Mae and Freedie are going to the grand jury. YEAH!!! I want some of these greedy SOBs to go down, I mean way down. I'm tired of my husband working hard for a living, paying all of our bills, obeying the law, church going, and still barely scraping by. I really want OPEC on a plate. They have driven the price of oil through the roof, and for what? GREED!!!!!!!!! Mark my word, the price of oil will fall to at least half of what it is now, and with that I will celebrate.


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Feb 3, 2007
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I believe that they ones at the top cant see how bad it is because they are not personally in crisis mode yet. They have money. The rich are in office. Just look what it costs to run a campaign-it's not for the common man anymore. Gov't by the people has left the bldg.


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Apr 24, 2008
Spiro Ok
Yeah, that 1 ole boy was only on the job for 3 weks and got a 18 mil. pay check, our system is broken and it needs fixed from the little guy up ,not the other way around.. the only reason that all these big wigs are pushing for this bailout so bad is that they are losing money like crazy..they want to stop the bleeding...because it's them that are bleeding so bad..

has anyone notice that gas fell to under 100.00 a barrel in the last couple of days..it was down like 6.00 yesterday alone..but the price at the pump only falls maybe 1 or 2 pennies !!! whats that all about? talk about a Rip off..

this is just MPO

I don't need no Stinking stock market, cause I'm a country boy and I will survive !!!!!


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