why did my chicken die?

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  1. misschris802

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    May 7, 2018
    we fed and watered our 7 hens friday morning and friday night was a severe wind storm (we leave the coop hatch to the run open) and Pepper our tiny lace wing is low girl on the pecking order not sure she is always welcomed especially after we got rid of the roosters who might have protected her a little...
    we found her saturday noon time dead by the coop hatch door dead!! with a large hole pecked into her side! there was no blood, just some yellow oozing and you could see her ribs, which made me wonder if she had been there longer? she also had an egg by her head. I don't suspect any "foul play" nothing broke in and attacked her because i think there would be other evidence and i think others would have been attacked not just her. (I do have a photo if it helps but didn't want to post it to gross anybody out) lol
    So i am worried about a number of things..
    1. was she sick? or could it have been the wind that whipped her around and killed her? it was a bad storm!
    2. if the other birds pecked her- will they get sick?
    3. are their eggs safe to eat if they pecked at her and she was ill or they are ill from eating at her?
    any insight???
    I also saved a silly robin that liked looking at itself in the stove pipe - it had gotten its leg stuck and was just hanging by a thread - but flew off - hope its ok- quite the traumatic day!
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    It sounds like predation.
    If she was sick, the only way to know is to have a necropsy and lab work done. Every state has at least one poultry lab. What state are you in?
    Very few diseases are passed to humans if you cook foodstuffs thoroughly.
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    Photos of her body and your set up could be helpful in determining what happened to her.

    Also your coop and run dimensions and the number and breeds of birds you have?
  4. misschris802

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    May 7, 2018
    This is how i found her Saturday. she was found on the far side (left) of the ramp going into the coop the other photo was her about 3 weeks ago. we have 5 older chickens and her and one other new chicken and we just got rid of 2 roosters the same age last weekend. the run is about 8 by 15 and the coop is 4 by 6. we have a duck pen next to it. She was always the last to eat... low girl on the pecking order i believe.
    IMG_0804.jpg IMG_8943.jpg IMG_5763.jpg

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