Why did my chicken die?


7 Years
Nov 6, 2012
My silkie chicken, Olive, died a few days ago. I am unaware of the reasons as to why she died? She was sneezing, but she was playing and happy 2 hours before she past. Olive was 3 weeks old, did I keep the heat lamp on her too long? Was she too cold? Was this the common "BIRD FLU?"
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I'm sorry to hear about your loss
Apart from the sneezing, did she show any other signs of anything being wrong. Poop normal? eating, drinking etc?
I am new to chicken breeding, but her poop was seemingly runnier than usual. Her head was down and she was very lazy.If it's a cold, could the sickness spread to the others?
A young chick with watery poo could possibly be coccidiosis. It is often seen in aging birds three to six weeks in age. I often feed medicated food to all my chicks and new adult birds medicated water.

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