Why did my hen go crazy and kill a pullet she lived with ?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by EasterEggersRULE, Nov 16, 2011.

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    I just go two serama's about a week and a half ago they where a little stressed being seperated so i put them together and all was fine. Last night they where both snuggled up on the roost and this morning they had a fight but i said they will work it out and they have pleanty of space to hide and run around. Well i just walked out side and the hen has KILLED the pullet !!!!! I already did not like the hen and was planing on giving her to a friend and keeping the pullet but now she is destined for the soup pot no matter how little meat after the meds are out of her system. The pullet was still barely alive when i found her and was dead by the time i got the hospitle cage set up. Why did the hen kill her ?
    I know it was not my other birds cause my seramas are in quarentine for 90 days. It was just them and the hen was still attacking her body when i walked out there and the hen proceded to attack me after i picked up the pullets body.
    For little chickens they sure are agressive. They where raised together so i really have no idea why they decided to go after one another. I just want to know why she killed the little darling i am so upset she was my favorite [​IMG]
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    not sure why, but I am so sorry that happend to you. It must have been awful:confused:

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