Why did she die? Seemed very healthy. Help.


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Yesterday I noticed my beautiful red just sitting by herself in the yard near the drinking water (drinking often). I was able to simply pick her up which is always impossible. I hand fed her some apple and she did eat it(with some coaxing). When I picked her up I found how skinny she was. Her plumage was still beautiful and she had no pasty butt. I'm not sure what her poops were like since they free-range part-time and have a huge run. I haven't seen or smelled any bad poops in the coop or run. I just went out a few minutes ago to grab her and bring her in for the special treatment. I brought her in, put her in the box and she died. I didn't notice any raspy-ness with her but I can hear it in a couple of my other hens. I wonder if I should treat the whole flock? There's 2 roos & 7 pullets, & 7 hens. Most seem absolutely fine (other than one in molt with raspy sound) but I'm worried something is going around and don't want to lose more. Also, I usually get about 6 eggs a day and now am down to 1. Living in NH, though, days are getting shorter & cooler, so I know eggs will slow down. I just didn't expect them to slow that much so suddenly. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
Thank you for posting this! Our hen has had bright green, watery poo for a few days now, but she just got significantly worse this morning. Like your chicken, she is thin and does not want to move. She also drank a lot of water with electrolytes when I offered it to her. From other posts on the forum, we think that, for some reason, she has been starved. She has access to food all day and she is a head hen, so she doesn't have to fight for her food. I don't know how this could have happened. There have been a lot of changes in the coop structure and pecking order lately, though. We brought her into the house and she is eating and drinking. She seems very tired. Maybe this is what happened to your chicken?
Sounds similar. Our hen was #2 on the pecking order and never had a problem getting food. Especially since she's able to free range too. I just noticed something else. In the bathroom where I put her 2 minutes before she died, I noticed a small puddle. I thought one of my little dogs broke the rules. But it was right where the box had been. Sure enough, I went and checked the box and under her beak the box is wet. I absorbed the liquid with a white paper towel so I could see what color it was. It was light brown and watery (not thick or slimy, etc.). Weird. I've never heard of that before.
I wish you much luck with your hen. I, apparently, was too late. But, again, she just started showing signs yesterday. I spend a lot of time watching my flock and tend to notice different behavior quickly. Thanks for the reply & good luck.
My fav Buff Orph pullet is acting listless, seems weak, didn't go up into the house with the others last night and has a droopy wing. She is about 20 weeks old and I bought her at a local feed store who got their supply of chicks from Ideal near Austin, TX. About a month ago I lost a Seabright pullet for unknown reason. I first noticed she was laying on the ground and within a few hours she was dead.
I have no idea what this is or how to treat it. Any suggestions? Will all my chickens be affected?
I just don't know. I'm rather new at this. But with other issues I've had, the people on this website have been absolutely wonderful. I wish you the best of luck.

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