Why did the chicken cross the road?... no really, she's setting a bad example


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May 25, 2017
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We have an older hen who has suddenly decided she enjoys the greener grass across the street. The coop is about 300 yards from the road, they have woods, field, yard, garden, patio, and carport to free range in so it can't be out of boredom or lack of food. She is the only one that does it. The chicks look at her like she's crazy, and the older ones she was raised with pay her no attention once she crosses the last hill going to the road.. for now. Luckily the neighbors have been patient because they blow the horn and she just looks at them like they're in her way. I've called her back with treats, carried her all the way back to the coop area, given her a good talking to, extra treats in the morning, she is still determined to go across the street. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated!


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Dec 11, 2009
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Some hens just have the urge to wander. I have one of those.

Judy is a Speckled Sussex and a couple years ago, when she was in her prime, she disappeared for an entire day. I searched everywhere, and as the day wore on, I began searching for a pile of feathers instead.

Just as I was beginning to mourn her loss, I saw her far up the hill in the pines in back of the run where earlier I had seen a flock of wild turkeys foraging. Judy, it appeared, had run off to join the turkeys, and had spent most of the day with them. It was when they decided to move on that she decided to come home. Judy still enjoys mingling with her wild friends, and just yesterday I saw her leave her flock and join the turkeys that were nearby.

It's not a problem for Judy since there aren't any busy roads, and she always comes back home. I suggest, as has already been mentioned, you coop your hen for a few days and give her a refresher course in where she lives, mainly so she doesn't end up as road kill.

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