Why did the chicken cross the road?

Dirty Farmer

8 Years
Jun 2, 2011
Well one of our hens took on a car today. It was the little RedStar. She seems ok, other than a bleeding toe, bleeding comb and all her tail feathers are missing. There's a trail of feathers for about 20 yards, along the shoulder of the road.

Our chickens have 100% free range, and I knew it was bound to happen eventually. We had soybeans on our side of the road and corn across the street, this year. (I'm surrounded by hundreds of acres of farm fields) The chicken don't seam to care for the left over soybeans on our side, so they always go across the road to eat the corn that was thrown around and dropped from the combine.

My neighbor saw it happen, and thought she was dead. He seen her laying on the edge of the road, not moving. He walked over and picked her up, and she started moving her head, and looking around. I was out in the barn at the time, and he came over carrying her, and we put her back in the coop. She acts stunned some, but I think (hope) she will be fine. Time will tell, I guess.

Here she is in the coop, tail feather-less.



Any advice? She is a sweet little girl, but she is a layer/meaty. So she will not be wasted, if I do end up having to cull her.
poooor chicken!!!

I don't see how people can hit a chicken..

Our neighborhood roads have a speed limit of like 20 and people still manage to hit peoples' chickens, ducks, dogs and cats.
Well apparently you answered your own question. To get to the corn on the other side. As long as they have access to the road you'll have to live with the consequences, I guess.

Hope she heals well,

Oh the poor thing, at least she looks fine. Make sure to update on how shes doing!
When I started this thread, In my mind, before I started typing "To get to the corn on the other side" was going to be my first sentence after the Chicken/road title. My bad, LOL. I start typing and then forget the best part

I'll keep everyone updated, as time passes. She looks ok, but you never know if something internal got damaged.
Now that it's dark out, I went out to lock the coop up for the night. All the other chickens are perched up on the roosts, and the little RedStar was bunking it for the night, in the corner on the floor. (I've never had, or seen one sleep on the floor before) I picked her up, and she didn't put up much fuss. We put Hydrogen Peroxide on her foot that was bloody. We had Neosporin, but it was the pain relief kind, and I was told not to use that on a chicken. So, just used the peroxide. Tomorrow's another day, so we'll see how she's doing then.
Well it's been a couple days now. She came out of the coop for the first time today. She didn't go very far though, stay within about 15 feet of the coop. Hobbles around on her legs, (mainly one foot) but her wings seem to be ok without any problems, along with everything else. Acts beat up some yet. She sure looks goofy, with all her tail feathers missing.

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