Why did the chicken go over the fence?

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    Jan 11, 2012
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    Worst morning of my life.

    My 'little one' Gabrielle, had gotten out of our garden and was missing for what seemed like FOREVER.

    I asked the neighbors and the lady next door said she could not see any chicken in the garden. I searched the neighborhood as its a quiet area and I was hoping I would be able to hear her if she was chirping.

    I called and called her and started to wonder if a cat or dog or something else got to her first :(

    She was returned by the man next door- said she was under one of his sheds!

    We reckon she had jumped up onto the hutch roof and over the fence as the hutch is backed onto the fence. [Which i have now moved!!] She was not trying to run away; she was probably looking for me or our other chook and duck, but ended up in next doors garden and was lost so she hid out of the sun and away form the neighborhood cats and dogs.

    So please please please everyone check your pens and encloses and make sure they are escape proof ! DONT TAKE ANY RISK because we kept saying 'oh she wont get out shes just a baby'...etc
    We didnt think it would happen... so learn from my lesson. It was really the worst morning of my life worried sick about what where why and how

    Go check your enclosures etc... NOW!

    Jodes xXx

    This is the pickle that got out ^

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    at least she was smart enough to hide out. But she is too pretty to stay mad at.

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