Why did they do that on Survivor!


9 Years
May 4, 2010
It made me soooo mad! When they decided to eat one of the three chickens, they eat a hen instead of eating the rooster. They had two hens and one rooster, and when they wanted to eat something, they decided to take a HEN. I mean come on! Leave them for egg production, and eat the Rooster at least.
maybe they wanted to save the roo for fertile eggs....so they can have MORE chickens.
Not likely as it only takes 7 weeks to film an entire season!

Maybe they thought you needed the rooster for eggs.

It sure was a dumb move all right. Idiots.

I was yelling at my TV set, then, because I was online at the time, I yelled in ALL CAPS at my best friend in IM conversation. Poor woman - she doesn't even GET CBS, much less get to watch Survivor!
Truthfully, if I was stranded somewhere (I never even watch the show) I'd probably save the rooster and one hen.. Or maybe even both hens, one hens eggs for food-the other to go broody?

I bet you money that is exactly why.


Average Joe does not know the birds and the bees when it comes to chickens. I learned a lot from research, and they just assume eggs only come out because they are a product of fertilization.

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