Why did this chick die??????????????????????? Graphic pictures--------------------------------------

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10 Years
Aug 14, 2012
North San Diego County, Vista, Ca.

Hi all,
Can anyone give me some feedback as to why this chick may have died after hatch?

I have a broody Jersey Giant sitting on 9 eggs, today is day 21. I just went down to the coop and this baby chick was laying by her head! So sad

She is in a separate nest box and the other flock members cant get to her. It was still wet and lifeless when I got to it.
I dont think she hurt it because she has raised day old chicks in a clutch twice before and was very good with them. We didnt have a roo then so had to go buy little chicks for her after 21 days. She adopted them just fine both times and was a good mommy.
Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts.
here is a picture, looks entirely formed.

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