WHY didn't I like Goat's Milk Soap? :(

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by Bleenie, Oct 11, 2011.

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    So My sister was at the Tacoma Farmers market a while back and I had her pick up a bar of Goat milk Soap for me... after I made her hunt around for a woodsy/cedar-smelling one that she couldn't find we finally decided oatmeal would be good and i figured it would be really moisturizing since i had to use Oatmeal soap on my rottie all the time for her skin problems. It smelled great! was a natural(?) brown color, oval shaped and made in a cameo mold.

    Everytime I use it though it makes my skin feel all tight/dragge/sticky??? and it went down by nearly half within 2 washes. I just wasn't very impressed with it in any way.

    I am wondering if all GMS's are like this or maybe this was just a bad batch? I don't make soap so i don't know anything about it really, just read a lot of good things online, so i was pretty disappointed after i used my first bar.

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    Several things can affect the soap and it's properties. Superfatting - if it has too much extra oils or not enough you''ll possibly get a drying effect or sticky effect. Types of oils used will determine the outcome of the bar because different oils add differnt properties, ie. some add lather, some cleaning, some hardness, etc.

    The bar will not last very long if it is not fully cured. It may not have been cured long enough but even that is awfully quick to dissolve!! I have a bar I'm using that I made 3 weeks ago that I've used 7-8 times and it isn't even half gone. Bars should cure for at least 6 weeks for best results.

    Hope this helps
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    Quote:I order mine on-line (from Green Family Farms) & I love it! I'm not sure how long she cures it, but when I get it I take it out of the wrapper & let it cure until I need to use it. I have always done this with regular soap as well & you'd be surprised at the difference it makes.
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    Maybe they just rushed a batch for the market or something. I will be sure to let it cure longer next time i buy some. and will also ask about the oils and what the bar is more made for. Thank you guys, I don't make soap so i don't know anything about what all goes into it or how it affects the effects it can have on your skin. I appreciate the help!
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    Quote:Ok, totally unrelated to soap - I'm impressed with you using "affect" and "effect" in the same sentence and using them correctly. [​IMG] I always mess those two up so I try to avoid them all together. LOL. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] I bet my grade school teachers would be so proud [​IMG]
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    Quote:Hi Bleenie,
    I live in Enumclaw and have made 100% goat milk soap for years if you want to try. This past years I didnt get to any shows becasue of the family but everyone seems to like them and I also have some lotion with goats milk in it. Just PM me
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    Not really sure. I have fabulous goat's milk soaps from GoldenPuppy here. They are softening and leave my skin feeling wonderful-I quit using body wash since a friend gave me a gift of three bars from her. A different friend then gave me a bar from reesepoultry and it's very nice as well. Seems like something went awry with the batch yours came from.
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    sounds to me like they made a rush order for market and didn't let it cure near enough

    soap that hasn't been cured long enough will dry out your skin and make it feel tight.. so that's a dead giveaway to me

    I usually make soap every year.. didn't make any this year and already I have had people complaining that they didn't get any of my goat's milk soap for chirstmas this year *sighs*.. looks like I will be making a batch within a few weeks... if I can get around to it

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