why didnt you all tell me geese are so great!


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Jun 14, 2010
Orlinda, TN
I've done quail, turkey, and LOTS of chickens, though all on a small scale and I'm no expert on any. But just a few weeks ago I acquired my first geese...2 baby toulouse that were 2-3 weeks old. OMG they are the greatest birds...no, wait...perhaps even the greatest ANIMALS I've ever had. They are now about a month to 6 weeks old and I'm stunned by how smart they are, but most of all.....I am blown away by how friendly ONE of them is. This brings me to a question. According to the lady I got them from, they were both from the same mom, hatched at same time, and neither had been exposed to people much at all. Well, within just a day or two it was incredibly clear that there are HUGE HUGE differences in the 2 personalities, and I'm very curious to know why, or at least whether that is common. On of them hates being picked up, is clearly scared of me, and if put down immediately runs away. The other one could not be more opposite, and it is why I've fallen in love with geese. It absolutely loves being held, if put down it runs straight to me and stands there and lets me pick it up without even fidgeting at all. Best of all, it follows me EVERYWHERE....stays so close to my heels that I have to be very careful not to step on it. SO what do you all think? Why would 2 siblings with exact same history be so incredibly different? Ever heard of such a thing? Obviously I wonder if the skidish one had some kind of tramatic experience with a human but I find it doubtful since they were all just out in the lady's back field being raised by their natural mom. ANyway, just curious. WOuld welcome any insights or comments. I LOVE MY NEW LITTLE GOOSE (yes, I confess to having a favorite and I bet you can guess which one!)


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Male geese are more sociable than females -- maybe you have a pair and the gander is your buddy : ) Sounds also like one could have imprinted on you, and the other didn't . . . maybe you randomly held it more or something and something clicked . . .

My geese are my favorite too . . . love their personalities . . .


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Sep 7, 2009
Florida - Space Coast
I have to disagree on one gender being more social than the other. Out of our three 1 year old geese two demand attention, one prefers to just watch what we are doing. Out of the ganders only 2 are "social" the others don't want to be bothered.

However, yes geese are fantastic and love to "talk" with you.


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Nov 6, 2010
Northern Indiana
I agree that geese are great! They are 3 weeks old. My buff gander Boris lays down when I get in their temporary outdoor pen at night to bring them in. Natasha the buff goose is usually the first to greet me and likes to be petted the most. All 3 of the geese follow me around looking for treats.


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Mar 18, 2012
Port Orchard, Wa
I have two female embdens and one is really friendly and likes to be held and stroked. The other one likes to be near you and sleeps next to your chair outside but does not like to be petted as much and doesn't like the picking up part but she does like to be held. The friendlier one also likes to get in the swim tub and the other one doesn't. They are such individuals. I just love them!

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