Why do chickens try to eat herbs

Chasey Chook102

7 Years
Nov 15, 2012
Chickens rock and they are cute but they keep trying to eat herbs.

Is herbs meant to be in their diet

They will eat any plant that is not poisonous and I won't guarantee that they won't kill themselves eating poisonous plants. Herbs are not poisonous, so they are safe for the chickens to eat.
Herbs are healthy for them!!! I put herbs in their nesting boxes.A lot of the herbs have the same health benefits on chickens as they do for people!!! I also make an herbal salve for my chickens for when they get cuts and scrapes.Always do your research before giving some herbs to chickens but from what I have read all the typical kitchen herbs are safe Lavender and Mint are a good one too.

They also like Mint tea
at least mine do!
I put catnip in my nesting boxes along with other herbs for a natural pest control (rats and mice hate catnip).
My cockerels acted like they were high. I thought they were going to die, they were jumping around and dancing, like they do when they are in a bigger space for the first time, It was funny and scary all in the same moment.
no one died and they stay away from it now.

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