Why do my chickens eggs have red bits in?


5 Years
Apr 11, 2014
I've had my gang of 13 ladies for quite some time now, a mixture of Orpingtons, Bluebelles and a crazy Friesian. What's worrying me is that just recently I've noticed the eggs they're laying have red bits in them. They look like they're fertile but I haven't had a cockerel for nearly over a year and are in a secure pen so nothing is able to get in... I'm concerned it could be a health issue? Any help is appreciated x
It's some tissue from the reproductive tract. It's normal and they're edible. If it becomes common it may be a cause of concern. Commercial eggs get them too but they're candled and discarded before they make it to store shelves.

How old are the hens and did they take a winter break?

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