Why do my pullets seem so irritable?


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
The ages of my pullets are 25-18 weeks old. Recently they wake up on the wrong side of the roost, or it seems that way. Why are my pullets walking around making all this racket? It's not a pleasant clucking or bawking noise either. I brought my neighbor in my coop last night showing her my nest boxes and my girls. All my pullets were so LOUD complaining we couldn't hear ourselves talk. That was after they were out for 3 hours free ranging.

I can not free range all day unsupervised at all due to the stray dogs. Yesterday my neighbor had a hawk in her tree staring at her flock, so now I need to worry about that. Will they settle down? I don't want my other neighbors thinking my girls are a nuisance. Lucky for me, the noise ordinance is 7am-10pm for hobby farm animals. My girls are noisy when they are in the run. Their run is bigger then the standard, so space is not an issue here.

I throw out scratch everyday, but even that isn't helping with the noise. I personally don't mind the noise, but I do worry about one set of neighbors that do not like our chickens whatsoever. They are not that close, but since it's an open field, I'm sure they can hear them. I did check for mites and bugs, but nothing on them. I use DE in the coop and keep the coop and run super clean.

Maybe it's the heat? For 2-3 days it was up in the 90's and the coop was at 80 most the night. I just walked out there and they were pretty quiet for a change.
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Nevermind. I think they were crabby from the heat. It's 63 outside and they've been quiet all morning.
I notice that when they want something out a treat they will bawk bawk bawk very loudly..like a group of preschool children they will stop after a bit...they are just testing you to see if you will give in.
My girls have been noisy too...they gave me alot of lip when i scooted them back into the coop after i saw a gang of turkey vulchers flying around. Guess they are just letting us know when they aren't happy about something!
Today has been a much better day! Whew! It was a lot cooler today also. Usually they are quiet after free ranging. I'm thinking it was the heat or due to hormones. I only give treats in the morning first thing to try and keep them a little quieter until they start laying their eggs. I've noticed they are crankier the closer they are to laying age. My SS is the noisiest with a hoarse screeching noise.

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