Why do you own ducks?

Why do you own ducks?

  • Only pets - don't eat eggs or the meat.

    Votes: 2 8.0%
  • Pets and eggs - love my ducks and their eggs!

    Votes: 19 76.0%
  • Food source - used for eggs and meat

    Votes: 4 16.0%

  • Total voters


Herding ducks and Wrangling chickens
Jan 8, 2017
Are they pets or a food source? If a food source, do you eat only the eggs or do you eat the meat as well?
Ducks are the happiest birds on Earth! They make me smile!! Watching the ducks dance in a fresh pool of clean water is just pure joy! I love the antics, the diving, the acrobats, just amazing!! The eggs are a bonus, but the happy quacky pet is priceless!
I hadn’t actually owned/procured any ducks until I bought my homestead property and a resident Pekin came with it. Once I began researching ducks’ needs, and the Pekin suddenly having a watered down generic imprint on us, I obtained two more so that the original resident ducky could have “flockmates” for necessary socializing.

All the books I’ve bought and read, everything on the Internet I’ve researched, etc., said the eggs were beyond compare and more nutritious/healthy.

So I figured the eggs were a bonus to companionable.

I’ve tried the eggs: I’m not a fan which sucks because i REALLY want to like them. Fresh eggs and all...

So I still gather the eggs, hubs eats them and when I do any baking I intend to try that. Otherwise I just save eggs for husband Grumpy and my ‘sorta dad’.
Because they lurrrve me!
And they are so entertaining. I keep them as indoor pets, and sometimes take them to school (diapered, of course) and they sleep on my lap for the duration of the class without a *peep*!
The eggs will be a great added benefit I’m sure, but they’re still young and I have yet to know if they’re even both girls. I am so attached to my Kitty and Puppy (I’m all about that animal identity crisis) that I would never eat them - though I admit duck meat is my favorite and I still eat duck as long as it’s not my ducks.
They’re super messy, and I do have to spend a lot of time cleaning especially since they’re indoor pets, but it’s all worth it. Now, if I could only potty train these cute dummies.........

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