Why do you put hardware cloth/wire under roosting poles?


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Nov 28, 2012
This seems like a hard-to-clean mess, I'm sure there is a reason for it though. What am I missing?
In my opinion hardware cloth vs a solid floor is much easier to clean, the majority of the poo falls straight through the mesh onto the ground where it is easily raked up. Any poo caught on the mesh is removed fairly easily with a wire brush.
I thought the idea was for the waste to fall through eliminating the need to clean. I'd be like the other poster and still be cleaning waste either way. I'm just not convinced raking it off the ground would be any easier then scraping it out of the coop. Guess it depends on the coop set up. If your access door is right there its nothing to scrape it right out and into a wagon or wheel barrow.
Everytime I see a wire floor coop my first thought is ventilation and drafts. Im from a cold winter area and my thought is with cross ventilation up at the top of the coop that that design would pull air through the bottom across the chickens and out the top. Not what I want in cold weather even if it is less cleaning.
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I was thinking about doing a wire floor coop, but I'm in California, where it doesn't get too terribly cold.

My thought was to have the coop directly above the compost heap. No scooping or scraping required, just turning it all into the pile.
Tractors use the wire floor to allow the 'fertilizer' to fall through to the pastureland below. Move every few days, and in a week, you will be able to tell where it was the week before! Small mesh can clog, so I use 1/2" on mine. Otherwise, I use a solid floor.
Uuuhhh.....still not getting it, what is the purpose of the wire?? Why not just let the poop fall and then scoop it up?
Uuuhhh.....still not getting it, what is the purpose of the wire?? Why not just let the poop fall and then scoop it up?

In stationary coops the hardware cloth is usually over a container that catches the droppings that can easily be thrown out and put back in.

In tractors the poo just falls on the ground and since the house is moved around the droppings never build up in pile and will just rot into the ground

People put wire under them so they won't have big vulnerable gaps in their houses for predators to get in.

It is basically to make cleaning easier since most of the poo in a coop comes from the hens while they are roosting.
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