Why does it matter, LOL?!?!?!?!

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  1. Wow, major meltdown in the roosting lineup tonight!! My roo and his sister went in earlier and the others stayed in the run, foraging. When the other four came in and went to roost, there was a major issue with the order. It took them about 15 minutes to figure it out, with much stepping on each other, falling off, getting back up, and gnashing of teeth. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    You are so funny ebony! So how many times do you go out and check your chickens? I have a feeling you may be as bad as me! (ie 5-10 times a day!) [​IMG]

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  4. Sometimes I hang out with them. They are really good therapy. [​IMG]

    DH and I work full time, so I open their pop door in the morning, then I go and visit when I get home from work. I generally do chicken chores after dinner. I like to sit in the coop when they come in for the night. It's soothing in a strange way, and quite amusing!
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    I do the same thing. When I get home from work it's the first place I go, to the coop to see my babies and count heads to make sure all is ok. I then sit for a spell and relax then go about my evening chores and then I go back alittle later and spend some quality time with them, lol
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    The highest on the roost is the highest in the pecking order....it is tres chic to get into the rafters! I drove by a bout ten Buff Orpintons the other day all wrestling to be at the top of a furniture dolly....completely ignoring their human made roost. My rooster, Ese, is afraid of heights. no matter the height he will jump to something lower and lower till he's on three magazines before finally jumping to the ground....and he started shaking when I carried to the edge of my porch one day....I luv the little fellah.
  7. For mine, the highest in pecking order is the one closest to the wall. Mine all roost at the same height. [​IMG]

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