Why does my Delaware scream for hours each morning?


8 Years
Feb 18, 2011
I know I can't stop her silly chicken behavior, but I thought i might be able to better understand her. From the time my Mabel wakes up, Delaware, she screams. It sounds like a dying goat or a screaming baby. It's a very annoying sound which she repeats almost continually for the first two to three hours. She doesn't do it all day, mostly in the morning. Any ideas? It's NOT to be confused with the egg song. This is a much less exciting noise. LOL
Somethin' to do.
Your not alone. Mine do that too, especially my SS. She just laid her first egg yesterday, so I hope she settles down. However, my SS does this pretty much all day long.

Last night was hot in the coop. The temp was 80 all night long. I let them out this morning and every single one of my girls is making that noise. They are very cranky today.
I gave them an extra treat, but it didn't work. Hopefully they will take a nap and feel better. It's another hot day today. At least the heat is suppose to break by tomorrow.
She must be talking to Doris and Pearl, our BOs....they scream all morning too. If you find the solution, let me know.
She's at it again this morning 10 fold. It just makes it worse if I go out there. The only consolation I have is to hope that the neighbors who don't know about our chickens (we're totally legal) believe it's a crying baby.

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