Why does my duck make this noise?


8 Years
Apr 17, 2011
Okay, So I have a 2 year old Black swedish female. And along with her quacks, she makes this noise that, I dont know, I guess I would call a "coo" or a duck "purr" its a soft, kinda peepy-ish noise. She has always made it since I have had her, Does anyone know?
I have a Call hen that makes a noise like that, but I have no idea what it means.
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I have a couple of ducks that coo. It's a happy noise for my runners. Elfie makes it when she's happily chowing down, trotting back and forth between food bowl and water bowl.

Sometimes my broodies will coo as they move eggs around in the nest.

It's just a sweet noise, a nurturing, contented noise with my ducks. Sometimes they'll coo to themselves as they fall asleep.
My male Cayuga has a high whistle that is too cute it makes my kids roll laughing. Not sure why he does it but it's a clear whistle, not raspy like the rest of the male noises. Sounds normal to me. My ducks have also make "sneezing" type noises when they ate too fast and needed some water to wash the pellets down. Could it be that?
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I dont know, I think its a content happy sound. She does it when she is digging around in the yard, or when I run the hose for them to play in. So I assume she is happy, And she just went broody yesterday! Im sooo happy
I call it singing. It's a happy sound they make especially when digging in mud or when they find a treat on the ground. I love to hear that sound.


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