Why don't LG's work?

Why don't LG incubators work?

  • The thermostats are junk

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  • They don't have fans readily

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  • The thermostat/heater combo is junk

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  • The incubator case (styro cooler thing) is junk

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  • Not well insulated

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  • Not enough ventilation

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  • Not enough air circulation

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  • What's a Little Giant?

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  • Hovabators are the only way to go. Period.

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  • Other (please specify)

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  • Works fine for me

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Whitehouse Quail

10 Years
Jul 1, 2009
All right people, so why don't they work? Would it be worth it to buy one, even to steal the thermostat/heater? Or are the thermostats just pieces of junk?
Mine worked just fine for me. I really didn't have a problem, not at all.
Well they aren't the best in the world.But then again most people can't afford The Sportsman's etc.I had to sell my Sportsman last fall:he and now back to 2 LG's (one for hatching).I hatched 15 chicks for Xmas out of all fertile egg's so not complaining.I actualy had better luck hatching gosling's in the one old LG I had last year than my Sportsman.Guess everyone has different opinion's on them.
I've had the same LG since I was 9 - so that's 16 years. I've had to replace the windows, thermostat, and the hardware cloth in the bottom. Otherwise, no problems. I have goose eggs in it now that are doing great.
I have three..one worked well all last year. This year..it was a nightmare. I really think the problem is in the sealing (top not fitting correctly) and how hard it is to adjust the thermostat..which I have read can be helped greatly by adding weather stripping and a dimmer knob..I'm going to try this with the one I kept. (I did however get a Brinsea 20 Eco recently for the pricey-er eggs I have ordered- I have been testing it for 2 days..no fluctuation in the temp or humidity..I know your question wasn't about it though..sorry!!)
I haven't had a problem with mine yet....2nd hatch due tomorrow.....I can't afford an expensive one but I guess as long as this one works so well and holds temp + humidity for me I can't complain. I'm a firm believer in the fact that if I can do just as well with something that costs 40 bucks as opposed to 200...do it ! LOL
I always have good hatch rates with my lg if i buy another one it will be a lg.it reminds me of some people don't like fords and some don't like chevys as long as they do the job what more could you ask for.sojono.
Mine works great now. When it was brand new it was to tight. It didn't get enough air flow. I did open the holes up a little on mine with a pencil. + the rim got dented when I shut the cord in it.(a few dozen times)
All in all If you buy 4 LG's @ $40 a piece, you can incubate 172 eggs for $160. Even if you lost half the hatch that's 86 chicks(I have 90 percent hatch,with staggered hatches). Compare that to $200 for a bator that holds 12 eggs..... I guess if I had more money than time, I'd buy the best automated set up I could get. It depends on your personal situation.
My LG works great if the humidity is a problem cover the vent over the fan. Don't put in a drafty barn or building has to be inside in stable temp. I have had mine for 6 years the only problem I had was not holding the temp. But that was the fan. Oiled the fan where it would run right and holds temp great. I get 95% or better hatch rate

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