Why don't people leave a message when they call?


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Apr 4, 2009
Eastern North Carolina
I had a person call me at least 15 times today while I was at work and not one msg left??????? I work around alot of electronics, scales etc at a pharmaceutical plant and can't use my phone many times. Later they called and said "I've been trying to get up with you all day"....... I said maybe you should have left a message if you wanted to speak to me was my answer. They said they don't leave msg's. Is it me or are people just crazy?



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Aug 25, 2008
I have one friend who will not leave a message, drives me a bit nuts because I don't come home and scroll through Caller ID every day. But I DO look to see if there are messages.


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Mar 30, 2008
I don't usually leave messages, but I also don't chastise people if I don't get an answer.

My reason for not leaving messages is a) I am a night owl and a day sleeper and b) when I am awake I spend most of my time outside. I feel that if I leave a message and the other person tries to contact me, I am wasting their time so I will just try again later. If it's really important that I talk to them today, I will leave a message and stick around the phone (and stay awake).


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Mar 16, 2009
onchiota NY
Steve-I think it is really rude to not leave a message...I can see not leaving one the first time or even the ssecond but to call mulitple times ( like I have gotten) and not leave a message is rude. Scares you half the time as if its an emergency. I wont call people back if they don't leave a message. My Dh used to have a lady ( he's a contractor) who called him ALL THE TIME!!~! She would call back over and over-when I would answer I would ask If I could take a message and she would say "No thank you-Ill try again later when he is home!" Now that's rude... So I stopped picking up when she called and I let her call over and over 10-12 times a night between 5-7pm until he walked in the door. A few times she ticked me off so bad, I would pick up and hang up quickly-Im sorry I did-but man she deserved it...


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Jul 24, 2009
Athens, al
I leave a message if it's important but if I'm calling just to talk I don't.

The phone calls I really hate is the debt collector calls for the people that used to have this number. Mind you we have had this number for three years and these people still give this number out and yes I know they still give it out because Wal-mart called in here for mrs m saying that her glasses where ready to pick up. Usually the collectors are nice when you tell them that this isn't the "m's" phone number and hasn't been for three years but there has been a few of them to get nasty and my reply is I have spoken with the DA, I can't do anything about the "m's" but I can sue you for harassment if you continue to call in here. Works for about six months.


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Jan 13, 2011
Glen, MS
I have people leave me messages all the time...But I don't check them.

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Oct 13, 2010
If they call my cell phone, I would rather people not leave a message. I figure it takes out of my minutes to check the message, which always requires I call them back anyway.

I would rather they sent an email or text message, since I can get those on my phone too.

But, on my business line, I do NOT have caller ID. So I HATE people who call a zillion times a day waiting for me to pick up. If I am waiting on a fax, I have to let it go to the machine. I had one tenant that would call me every 15 minutes all day long until I picked up. Most of the time it was to tell me she was going to send me an email funny forward and just wanted to let me know

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