Why Has The Egglaying Slowed?


9 Years
Jun 9, 2010
Western Mt. Valley in Maine
My 15 brahma hens were laying about a dozen or more eggs a day. When the weather got better I started letting them out in the pasture to forage during the day. After a couple days of foraging I noticed the daily eggs declined to only about 5 or 6 so I put the hens back into the coop day & night. Why are they still only laying 5 or 6 eggs a day? What can I do to increase their egg production to what it was before I started letting them outside? Thank you in advance for any help with this.
If they arn't getting enough sunlight inside, this can reduce egg laying. they need light to stimulate the gland in their eye to produce eggs. Are they going through a molt? Have you changed their diet? Are they sick? Eating their own eggs?
It was when they were going outside that the egg production slowed. I'd put them out for the day & back in the coop at night. I was only collecting 5 or 6 eggs/day for the few days they went outside.

They were inside the coop all winter until recently when the weather got dryer & we finished fencing off the pasture. During the winter and until they started going outside they were laying a dozen or more a day.
Also consider the overall protein in their diet could have dropped if they are free ranging on grasses and such. In anticipation of feeding scraps and foraging, I have kept with a 20-22% game feed. THere are many ways to increase the protein level if you wish to keep foraging or you can accept fewer eggs at a lower cost to you. Supplement with high protein sources: mealworms, red worms, peanut meal, soybean meal, meat scraps, game feed or turkey feed, dried cat food. With many choices perhaps one of these is acceptable to you to try. Do a little research to determine which alternative is right for you.GL

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