Why have my pullets stopped laying?


7 Years
Aug 18, 2012
South Carolina
Hey Everyone,
I've got 4 pullets, two of which were laying just about every day, and two that were a bit more erratic. They suddenly all stopped laying about two weeks ago, and now two of them are quite clearly molting pretty heavily. This isn't normal is it? I've read that pullets all go through pretty much constant molting in their first year, and shouldn't stop laying at all. I've also got a polish that's been molting since September and hasn't laid a single egg since then.
My little bantam cochin has been laying pretty strong throughout, but I'm worried about the other 5....how long does a molt "usually" last? And why are my pullets not laying?
It has been quite cold here the last couple of weeks, which I understand will slow them down, but it doesn't seem to bother the cochin at all...
They are free range during the day and have free choice laying ration plus whatever they dig up in the garden. They also get some cheese each morning for extra calcium and protein. Any thoughts would be great! Thanks!

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