Why I havent been on for ahwhile.

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    Hi as you would know I havent been on since October. Well basicly it was because of the death of my first naturally hatched chick. Yes it is dead. It bled out from being pecked by its mother Pumpkin. She was not mature enough and did not know what she did. She was only 8 months... Anyway I gave the little fella a proper burial. So that is why I havent been on, I was pretty bummed out. Anyway it is now Christmas!
    So Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!

    R.I.P little chick
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    Welcome back.
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    Welcome home.....


    Ride the Glide.....Got Gait....I Do....
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    May 11, 2010
    Welcome back! Sorry about your chick.
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    Losses can be sad and frustrating - welcome back
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    Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your little chick. Especially since it was your first hatched of your own.

    I had to take three chicks away from a first time momma this fall. She had just hatched them and wasn't even keeping them under her, then when I put them under her she'd peck at them -- not in a loving way either. Sometimes they just aren't momma material - just like people.

    Your flock is lucky to have you to love them up though! Keep loving them and enjoying their company in this new year, and welcome back!!
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    Aug 28, 2012
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    Welcome back to the ever addicting BYC site! And it's just as addicting as ever! [​IMG]

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