Why is it that...


11 Years
Nov 6, 2008
Southwestern PA
On my days off that I can sleep in my two male peacocks decide to start screaming at 5am. The other days it isn't till later!! Some mornings I want to shoot them both.
They're just SO happy you're home? They love you.....
Well I sleep during the day, Mine do call ,but it must put me to sleep.

Kidding a side something may be getting around them, like coons or a fox.
lol i don't know but it drives me crazy!! Their sounds are neat but not when it is constant and so early. My 30 yr old brother like to make a scream noise when he comes over so they call back to him...he is an odd one to say the least. I know my indian blue loves me he like to display when I go over to him. I always tell him sorry buddy but i don't think it will work out between us!!

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