Why is my chicken behaving weird?

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6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
I have 3 hyline brown chicken they first started laying at Christmas time, two of the chicken are fine, but one chicken has been acting strange, this chicken has been laying shell less eggs for about 2 weeks, there are these empty sac looking things around the back yard (chicken are free to roam the bark yard), also the chicken goes to the coop with the other two chickens at night but after if gets very dark the chicken wanders out and stands facing our house in a corner, I sometimes put the chicken back in the coop but it wanders out again, as I am typing this, the chicken is standing in a gap between out house and heat pump unit.
Another thing I have noticed is this chicken doesn't seem to hang around the other two chickens, only when we throw some scraps out the window there will be a frenzy.
Should I replace this chicken? or would she come right after a while?
They usually lay in the mornings, I have noticed the problem chicken is quite docile during this time.
Any help would be great


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