Why is my chickens egg 2 different colors?


Apr 18, 2021
Thank you, me too! :hugs
I do miss Mary the most, it's been very hard without him since I don't handle losses very well. 😔

Thank you, the black and white one with Ezzy is Grannie, she's a 10+ year old silver laced wyandotte.

I'm so sorry about that, dogs can be a pain. :hugs I totally understand what your going through, but always remember, they are in a better place and they know you always loved them. What did Cheeta look like, I like his name! :)

The pictures above are all the boys I owned, my sister has her own and my brother has his own roo. My sister and I co-own the flock of 50+ and I'd like to eventually re-home some.
We had a rooster that hated everybody, he belonged to my cousin and he was very aggressive, something eventually ate him in the night. 😬

Mary and blossom would fight over me sometimes, they loved me as much as I loved them. Mary would lie on my lap and listen to a book and blossom would love to come out and flirt with me and his reflection. 🤣

I'd love to talk about each others pets, I'd like that very much! 😁 I'm always open pretty much.

Thank you! 🤣
I’ll show you pictures of cheetah and more of my chickens tomorrow because i am going to sleep already haha. I would(G) rather talk (r) about (e) all this (c)somewhere (i) else since its way easier (aaa) but i dont think (_25) i can type in my instagram on here but im still gonna try tho. Ima put the letters of my username in parenthesis so if you have ig then follow me so we can talk there more since im much more active on there as well.

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