Why is my hen missing so many feathers?


Jan 30, 2021
East Massachusetts
Hi everybody,

I am having an issue with one of my chickens. So, I have three chickens, which are the first ones I have ever had. There are all a bit over a year old. I have a speckled sussex named Matilda, a black australorp named Daisy, and a buff orpington named Maisy. About two weeks ago, they went to the vet for a checkup and they said they are all healthy. One of my girls, Daisy was broody for a few weeks (before and after the vet appointment). Eventually, we had to put her in chicken jail because she wasn't stopping. As soon as we noticed that her chest and stomach area, like under her body, had pretty much no feathers she went in broody jail. I immediately assumed it was because she was pecking them out herself because she was broody and we put her in broody jail for a few days. When we thought she was broken, we put her back with the other girls. For almost a week, all three of my chickens were acting normal. Daisy (the broody one) was doing normal chicken things. Before Daisy was broody, the pecking order (from what I observed) was that Matilda was first, then Maisy, then Daisy. But when Daisy was broody and even after she was broken, she was chasing Matilda a bit every so often and sometime pecking the other girls. I didn't think much of it because I thought she was having the attitude because she was broody. I was hoping that now that she wasn't broody, her feathers would regrow by winter. However, today and yesterday I noticed quite a few of Daisy's feathers in their poop tray (we have an Omlet coop), nesting box, and run. Pictures below.

070AB12B-59D0-45FE-BEE1-FD151E3E69AD.JPG 9795B130-F251-49A6-BEE9-D0EFD6CC71FE.JPG A45C095F-D0E8-471B-9044-2C0CD13FB5D9.JPG 5021C9CB-203B-40A0-AD18-E0D36CE86587.JPG
The video below is of Daisy, to show you how many feathers she has lost. I think that some of the feathers she lost is when she was broody and some is when she was broken.

The video below is now of my girl, Maisy. It seems like she has lost a little bit too.

I wasn't able to give Matilda a good look, because she doesn't not like to be picked up/held. I am confused why all these feathers are missing. We did get an egg today that looked like it maybe could of been Daisy's which would explain why her feathers are in the nesting box. If it wasn't her egg, why was she in the nesting box? Is she broody again? Is she still pecking out her own feathers, or is one of the chickens bullying her and Maisy? It was very hard to show, but Daisy's neck seemed to have some feathers missing and some little red spots like scabs, which makes me think another chicken pecked them out. But if it is bullying, why would another chicken peck under Daisy's body? I am hoping she is just molting, but isn't a little early to molt? When Daisy flapped her wings, a good amount of feathers fell out. Why is she missing all of these feathers? Is it molting, or bullying, or is she pecking them out herself? Why is Maisy missing a little too?

Sorry for such a long post. I would really appreciate any advice! I am pretty worried about Daisy. I am also getting 3 more chicks to add to my flock at the very end of august, and I don't want issues with my flock or bullying when I integrate them. Thank you so much!


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