Why is my pygmy goat limping????

Goat Lover 3

6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
Yesterday, I noticed my pygmy doe limping a little. That day we trimmed her hoofs. They were the worst they had ever been, and it had only been about 2 months since they were trimmed! Today, she is trying not to put any weight on her front right leg. Could she be limping because of the horrible shape her hoofs were in or could she be limping because of something else? Should she be taken to the vet? If so, I need to know soon because today is a Friday and our vet will only be opened until noon tomorrow and closed on Sunday! She also has a 1 month old kid with her too.
You may have trimmed the hoof a little too short and now it's tender. If that is the case she will be fine in a day or two.
Is she still limping? If not, I'd chalk it up to the trimming. If she is, I'd look into other possible things.
She stopped limping a few days after I trimmed her hoofs! I think you were right! I might have trimmed her hoofs too short. Thanks! :)

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